From card 941 upwards we come across what collectors – and more importantly dealers! – refer to as the ‘higher number’ cards which fetch almost treble the price of their lower brethren. As a result, some of these cards are quite hard to find.

12001201120212031204_Eastwood12051206_kirk12071208120912102111121212131214_Stevens1215121612171218_Burridge12191220122112221223122412251226_Denyer1227122812291230123112321233123412351236_Ogley1237_Nairn1238123912401241124212431244124512461247124812491250_Russell12511252125312541255 Airdrie12561257125812591260126112621263126412651266126712681269 QueensPark12701272a12721273127412751276127712781279128012811282128312841285128612871288128912901291129212931294129512961297129812991299a


  • A lot of these cards appear without a team name; in such cases there was usually a little piece of paper glued to the back naming the team, but many of these have since been removed.
  • John Northcutt has pointed out that card 1224 Nash is actually Denyer and card 1226 Denyer is in reality Nash. (December 2017)

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