Personal collection rises – slightly …

2445Although the site itself is probably as complete as it is ever going to get, I can tell you that my personal collection is still creeping slowly towards its conclusion. I visited the Nuthall Temple fair (Nottingham) today where I was lucky enough to find dealer Paul Lynch who had recently replenished his stock and had many of the higher number cards. In fact, he had page after page of Wycombe Wanderers players that I had never seen before! I came away clutching twenty-seven cards that I had purchased at a very reasonable rate, so my collection now stands at a very healthy 1548, which includes a few variety cards. I’m still looking at around 960 to chase down, so there’s still a long way to go and my wallet needs to have a little lie down in a darkened room …

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4 Responses to Personal collection rises – slightly …

  1. Alan Worthington says:

    Not bad Roger, I am at 4000+ and still not there!!

  2. TerriersFan says:

    That must be SO frustrating, Alan. Mind you, you have created a rod for your own back by trying to find all of the varieties too! 🙂

  3. Steve Rayner says:

    Hi Alan and TerriersFan,

    My Dad has a collection of 400 or so with about 60 of them being between 1000 and 2500. If he has any numbers you require I’ll ask if he is prepared to sell?

    Best Regards


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