Several new ‘variations’ added

0403During the course of updating  and re-scanning my collection for better images I have come across an increasing number of ‘variation’ cards which I am simply adding in wherever they crop up. There are way too many to list here but I can confirm that I have found at least one each of Tottenham, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Chelsea and Clapton Orient to name but a few. I don’t claim these to be hitherto undiscovered, just images that weren’t previously included on this site. I still have the better part of one thousand cards to scan over the next few weeks so there should be even more ‘variations’ coming to light in that time. My advice is simply to check your ‘team’ or the cards ordered by number to see if there is something that you don’t recognise or possess.

Also, because I am inserting better and deleting poorer quality cards where possible, it may just be that certain images don’t appear; rather, they are replaced by a little ‘X’. Could you please inform me if this occurs anywhere? I am being very careful as I go along but there is always the chance that the odd one might just sneak through … 🙂

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