Re-scanning complete

The massive task of re-scanning all of my cards is now complete. That’s over 1600 of the little blighters and you’d be surprised just how many variations it has thrown up, whether they be number size or position, backgrounds, or picture size. Another factor that it has thrown up is the bizarre fact that many of these cards are actually different sizes, an example being that of E. Turner (Crewe) shown at left; you can see how much ‘dead’ space’ there is at the top of the card (or the bottom, if you like). And it’s not just the tops and bottoms; there are others which are clearly much narrower than the majority. I can only put this down to their having been trimmed by owners/collectors down the years, but it’s hugely frustrating.

Anyway, that’s it from me in terms of improving picture quality. As I add new cards to my personal collection I’ll put them up here, thereby hopefully replacing some of the poorer quality pictures. 🙂

UPDATE: Matt Stevens has been in touch with a suggestion regarding the sizes of these cards. If you were to pile up a collection of them, one on top of the other, they would not make a neat pile because so many of them are different shapes and sizes, no matter which ‘series’ you might choose. Matt suggests that this is because all of the cards were hand-cut rather than by machine and I have to agree that this makes perfect sense. But maybe you know better …

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