Crazy ‘k-sized’ prices?

01911254I am indebted to Paul Chauveau and Brian Houghton for contacting me with links to eBay sales in the past few days. Firstly Paul got in touch to flag-up card 191. Alex Troupe (Everton) which sold for £21.50, leading us to wonder just what kind of a person bids that kind of money for a ‘bog-standard’ and seemingly readily available small card. But that just pales into insignificance when compared to the one that Brian alerted me to – card 1254. Hughie Gallacher in his Airdrie days which went for the astonishing price of £127.00!! Lee Graves ( will be rubbing his hands with glee at the outcome of both of these auctions, I’m sure! Clicking the links will take you to the completed auctions.

One thing that these two auctions do prove is that you can’t take the cards in this set for granted and that we really shouldn’t be too surprised when they go for more than the usual couple of quid each! 🙂

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6 Responses to Crazy ‘k-sized’ prices?

  1. Brian Houghton says:

    Is it a rare card because theres no team name?

    • TerriersFan says:

      There are lots of cards with and without team names but, as far as I can tell, they are reasonably available. Having just looked in Garry Daynes’ Football Card Collector Magazine I see that he has this card as a “Premium Card” at £25 but doesn’t state whether it has a team name or not.

  2. Paul Briers says:

    Hughie Gallacher, because he was transferred to Newcastle and then Chelsea. There are a couple of Chelsea collectors fighting it out for certain items. Probably the same ones that pushed the prices of the Peter Bonetti press photos up so high? Maybe they’re now looking at ‘rookie’ – hate the Americanism! – cards of former players now? Check your collections!
    No idea about the Everton one though.
    I notice the prices that Lee is selling them all at are quite high. Thankfully I have most of the K size Bees cards – just three of the “Double Frame” back ones to find and two with “Address Photo”. Not many Large ones though, just 5 in the collection, but a number of Cabinet cards, around 10, which are nice.

    • TerriersFan says:

      I think that you could be right, Paul. And, like you, I hate the ‘r’ word that Americans use. You certainly seem to be doing well with the Bees collection; TEN cabinet cards – WOW! 😮

  3. Craig L says:

    You say these prices are high, but who are the dealers who are selling them i.e. have them in stock and ‘readily available’ for a few quid? Offer me Ivor Jones in any West Brom variant and I’ll be on your doorstep in the morning with cash in hand!

    I saw those Chelsea photos. on Ebay. The prices were incredible, but I presume if they’re ‘readily available’ two collectors would have to fight each other for them.

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