1999My personal collection grew to 1697 today when I picked up another 57 cards from a card fair outside Nottingham. All bar one of them were ‘high-numbers’ too so I was very pleased to pick up so many in one go; they really are becoming more and more difficult to pick up at reasonable prices these days. They are, however, all footballers; the rugby players remain elusive, especially at the prices that I am prepared to fork out. I certainly am NOT going to pay £15 per card which is what some dealers seem to think that they are worth.

Simple maths would suggest that I am short of approximately 765 cards – probably mainly rugby – but my total includes one or two variations, so I can’t be sure. I have a second filing system which, I think, works on a ‘one of each card’ basis and that suggests that I am short of 825 so, to be honest, I think that is a better guide. Not that I’m going to find out for certain any time soon… 🙂

I have also been busy scanning a goodly number of these cards as they are far better than some of the images which are currently on-site, especially those which have come from eBay. Good examples are those of the Southport team of which I’ve managed to buy and replace the images of more than half a dozen, so it’s now plainly obvious which ones I still need.

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2 Responses to 1697

  1. Just to upset you a little bit, I have looked at my collection and know of the following, 113 Brown Oval backs, 402 Black Oval backs, 399 Double Frame Backs, 974 Photo Backs & 2717 Pinnace backs, making a total of 4605 cards, these do not include minor variation such as number size, head size etc, just different names, teams etc. I am missing 53 cards from the 4605. So if anyone out there has any I could possible want, I will post my wants list tomorrow.
    many thanks

    • TerriersFan says:

      Thanks for the correction, Alan, although I have to point out that my aim is simply to have ONE OF EACH PLAYER or number, rather than to collect every possible variation. I know that because of mix-ups with different players appearing on the same number card, etc. the total goes up beyond the 2462 but I’m not after all the variations with different backs, number positions and so on. 😉

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