Yet another variation added

0231 RochdaleAnd still they come! Some years after I began this website, variation cards are still turning up and I am grateful to people who send me the information about them. Today it’s the turn of Phil Barlow who has sent me an image of George Wall on card 231 but this time as a Rochdale player. George played – and appeared on other Pinnace cards – for Oldham Athletic and Hamilton Academicals before making the switch to Spotland for the 1922-23 season.

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2 Responses to Yet another variation added

  1. G. Wall Rochdale only appears on the Pinnace back card, Hamilton only on the Photo back, while Oldham appears on Black Oval, Double Frame and Photo backs, There is no sightings of him on the Large or Postcard size cards as either Rochdale or Hamilton, (as far as I am aware that is, if you know better please let me know?)

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