We are lucky to have a variety of advertising materials for this series thanks to the research of Bob Thomas who also provided the scans herein. Some are very large and can be seen full-size by clicking on them (if all works well here!) These article/adverts are a great piece of social history and demonstrate the huge difference in the way that smoking is regarded nowadays to how it was back in the 1920s: “Cool and sweet in smoking”!

And, there’s even a Huddersfield Town reference in one of them: bliss … 😉

Feel free to comment if you wish.

1) 27th November 1920

 1 Pinnace 27111920

2) 20th December 1920

2 Pinnace 20121920

3) 14th March 1921

3 Pinnace 14031921

4) 28th March 1921

4 Pinnace 28031921

5) 11th January 1921

5 Pinnace 11011921

6) 21st January 1921

6 Pinnace 21011921

7) 8th March 1922

7 Pinnace 08031922

8) 25th March 1922

8 Pinnace 25031922 Huddersfield

9) 11th January 1923

9 Pinnace 11011923 List

10) 18th January 1923

10 Pinnace 18011923

11) 16th February 1923

11 Pinnace 16021923 Album


2 Responses to Advertising

  1. Chris Lee says:

    Thanks for posting those Roger, they are fantastic, not seen any before. And cheers Bob for finding them, great stuff.

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