For those of you who like to see all the players of your team collected together in one group, here they are!

Variations note:
Cards 1712, 1713 and 1714 appear as both “Clapton O.” and “Clapton Orient”.

0079022502250225 Orient variant 20225 Orient variant0225a02250226 Orient variant0226022602260226022602270227022702280228 Orient variant 20228 Orient variant022807130713a0713 Clapton Orient variant 20713 Clapton Orient variant071307140714071407150715 Clapton Orient variant07150716 Clapton Orient variant071607160716071707170717 Clapton Orient variant0717071807180718 Clapton Orient variant071907190719071907880788 Charlton variant10891089171217121713171317141714 Clapton ORIENT21352136ClaptonOrientClaptonOrient undated

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