Completing the form below will put you in touch with me and I’ll follow-up on that as soon as I can. Your email will not be made visible to others, neither will it be sold on to any third parties.

I am usually very prompt when it comes to responding to any contact, but should there be any lengthy delay it is likely to be for one of the following reasons:
a) I may be very ill
b) I may now be old, doddery and no longer able to cope with tech requirements of the site
c) I may be dead. Note: not “passed“, “passed on”, “gone“, “left us“, “sleeping” or any other such diminutive much favoured by the millennials of this world – dead. As a door-nail. Kaput.

I apologise if any of the above should prove problematic and might affect you or have an effect upon you, but never “impact” you, although it could easily have an impact upon someone. And that’s “someone” not “them“, as contact is always from an individual so it should actually be “him” or “her“, but never “them” which is always the plural form.

Grammatical rant over 😉

* Note that if you want to send me a scan or a photograph you’ll need to open up a conversation first as you cannot add any attachments to your initial contact here.


2 Responses to CONTACT ME

  1. Raymond Maule says:

    What a great site dedicated to collectors of Pinnace cards, So informative and a valuable source of reference, not only to collectors of these cards, but for those who follow football in general.

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