For those of you who like to see all the players of your team collected together in one group, here they are!

0277027802790280125812591796179717981799180018011802b1803180418052010238320-21 Pinnace - Dumbarton AFC

Error Card notes

Card 279 is another error, which I believe was never corrected. “R. McDermiad” was actually Robert Forsyth McDermid. My thanks to go Michael Postles for pointing this one out.

Card 1800, “A. Goodwin” can only be John T. Goodwin, 17 appearances in the 1921-22 season, goalkeeper (as the pictured kit infers). Should have read “J.T. Goodwin”. (M. Postles)

Card 1803“H. Alexander” has to be James Alexander, Dumbarton 192-23. Should have read “J. Alexander”. (M. Postles)

Card 1804“J. Kennedy” can only be Phillip Kennedy, Dumbarton 1922-1927. A John Kennedy played for Dumbarton between 1877 and 1882, but that was way too early for Pinnace. May also be referenced as John T. Kennedy, but not known if the same. Should have read “P. Kennedy”. (M. Postles)


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