There were actual albums produced by Godfrey Phillips to house these cards, although you would have needed an awful lot of extra leaves to hold the whole series! It seems that there were two different designs of albums; here is the more regular album …

Pinnace album

… and here is an example of the alternative ‘brown’ album; the lettering is not very clear, but it actually reads ‘PHOTOS OF FOOTBALL PLAYERS: GODFREY PHILLIPS: PINNACE NAVY CUT CIGARETTES’.


The pages for the ‘grey’ album were usually blue and white with slots for eleven players of your chosen team as shown here.

Pinnace blank

And here is one such page kitted out with the Huddersfield Town team that beat Preston in the 1922 FA Cup Final. I have elected to substitute three Pinnace cards with their Thomson ‘Footballers’ counterparts simply because I haven’t got Islip and Wadsworth, and the Pinnace card of Stephenson shows him in Villa kit!


There was also a grey one which was set out in almost the same fashion, but was perhaps not so easy on the eye.

2013-14 130831 Everton team sheet0001b

There was also a page/sheet for collectors to select their England/Scotland/Wales teams; it was tough luck if you were Irish, I suppose. In truth, this one looks like the one above which appears to have simply had a sticker affixed over the words ‘England, Scotland, Wales’.


The brown album had different leaves, as you can see from this example of a company rep’s specimen album. The layout was different too; as you can see, there is still room for eleven players but now there was a space in the centre for one of the ‘medium’ sized cards – possibly your favourite player! The cards in this example are of Manchester City players.*


Blank leaves for these albums occasionally become available on eBay but will usually cost a lot as they are far more rare than the cards themselves. An entire album, like either of those pictured above will probably command a very high price!

UPDATE 18/06/16: Bob Thomas has got in touch with the following information … “I was looking at the Pinnace advertisements I sent you. On the 11th January 1923 advert it states, “Albums. New Series. 44 folios. 1/6d each”. So I checked my Pinnace Albums and the one with the footballer on the front has exactly 44 folios! So I reckon the brown album was the first, costing 1/-; the first mention I have of that is 29th March 1922, and then the New Edition of the Footballer cover was issued in January 1923.”

*My grateful thanks go to Brian Houghton for the scans of the ‘brown’ album; to Bob Thomas for the empty blue album leaf and the ‘England, Scotland, Wales’ leaf; to Alan Jenkins for the page of Cardiff City World-Beaters! :).

5 Responses to Albums

  1. Peter Hurn says:

    I bought a “brown” album maybe a decade ago, full up with small cards with the medium-sized ones in the middle. I then transferred my previously-acquired loose Crystal Palace ones onto one page and acquired a medium-sized Palace player (643 Whitworth) later. So Palace now occupy all of page 1 and most of page 2. I then sold the ones I had displaced so am now left with just 121 cards, 110 small k-type and 11 medium. That’ll do me but I must admit I’d like to own the whole lot. They are lovely and seriously under-valued.

    • TerriersFan says:

      They are probably the easiest set to start to collect, Pete, in so much as the ‘entry level’ is so cheap. It’s only when you reach the later, harder to find stages that it becomes a difficult (and expensive!) set to complete.

  2. pauldays says:

    I have a third type of sheet, similar to “The World” one above. However it says “England, Scotland, Wales”. Anyone come across one of these sheets before?

  3. Hi

    I have just inherited thousands of cigarette cards and many albums
    One is the photos of football players album

    Do you know the best place to get these valued ?

    • TerriersFan says:

      Thanks for the contact. Unfortunately I do not know precisely where is the best place to get them valued. You could contact the big Sporting Auctions online – Mullocks, Sportingold, Sporting Memory’s, Loddens, et alia. They will no doubt give you some good advice but, you need to remember that they will charge you a seller’s fee from whatever price your items might make. If all else fails, you can bang them on eBay starting at around £9.99 and let them find their own level/value.

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