HALIFAX (rugby)

For those of you who like to see all the players of your team collected together in one group, here they are!

NB I have combined each of the N.U. and R.F.L. teams here. The Northern Rugby Football Union teams changed their names to the Northern Rugby Football League at a meeting in the George Hotel in Huddersfield in 1922 but essentially remained the same ‘club’, thus changing in name only so the players would have been the same.



2 Responses to HALIFAX (rugby)

  1. John Turnbull says:

    I have been searching for the cigarette card of my father, R Turnbull Halifax R F C, for many years and was delighted to see a picture of card number 1030 on your web page.
    Can you kindly suggest were I could find this Godfrey Phillips Ltd, Pinnace brand cigarette card ?
    Kind regards
    John Turnbull

    • TerriersFan says:

      Hi John
      I’m so pleased that you have found a picture of your father on my site. In turn, you will be very pleased to learn that I have found a small k-sized card – the one shown above – available for £5 from Garry Daynes’ FCCM catalogue, or at least he DID have it when the catalogue was published on 5th May. The EVEN BETTER NEWS is that he also stocks the ‘medium sized’ card at £5, so hopefully you can steam in and collect both for a measly tenner! You can contact him via my ‘For Sale/Swaps’ section; please tell him that I sent you, and good luck!

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