1999My personal collection grew to 1697 today when I picked up another 57 cards from a card fair outside Nottingham. All bar one of them were ‘high-numbers’ too so I was very pleased to pick up so many in one go; they really are becoming more and more difficult to pick up at reasonable prices these days. They are, however, all footballers; the rugby players remain elusive, especially at the prices that I am prepared to fork out. I certainly am NOT going to pay £15 per card which is what some dealers seem to think that they are worth.

Simple maths would suggest that I am short of approximately 765 cards – probably mainly rugby – but my total includes one or two variations, so I can’t be sure. I have a second filing system which, I think, works on a ‘one of each card’ basis and that suggests that I am short of 825 so, to be honest, I think that is a better guide. Not that I’m going to find out for certain any time soon… 🙂

I have also been busy scanning a goodly number of these cards as they are far better than some of the images which are currently on-site, especially those which have come from eBay. Good examples are those of the Southport team of which I’ve managed to buy and replace the images of more than half a dozen, so it’s now plainly obvious which ones I still need.

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Bristol Rovers variation added

0343 variationMartyn Wood is working his way through his collection, hunting out variations of the cards on show here. He has recently uncovered this card of Bristol Rovers’ A.S. Leigh with the number in a different position to the ones already displayed on here.

I am expecting several more over the coming days and weeks. 🙂

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Two Leicester City variations added

135 variant910 variantIt’s been quite a long time since I have been able to add anything new to this site so I am grateful to fellow collector and enthusiast Martyn Wood who has supplied images of cards 135 and 910, both Leicester City players, with the numbers in a different position to those already displayed.

If you have any such examples please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll give you an email address to send images; the more detailed we can get this site, the better it will be for everybody! 🙂

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Swindon cards error

12241226_DenyerJohn Northcutt has been in touch to point out that there is a double error involving Swindon players; card 1224 labelled “Nash” is actually Denyer and, conversely, card 1226 labelled “Denyer” is in reality Nash. (December 2017)

Please feel free to keep sending information like this – it’s vital to be as accurate as possible.

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Taddy & Co. ‘Prominent Footballers’ 1907-14

JohnsonI have just created a website dedicated to these cards. Obviously it is still very much in its infancy but you might like to take a look. And, if you are in a position to supply me with good quality (300dpi) images of cards, then you know where to find me … 😉


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What a morning!

2401It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to post any real additions to this site although, in truth, it’s really my own collection which has increased significantly today, but the website benefits because it means that I have been able to add seventeen improved images.

Anyway, a visit to the Nuthall Card Fair brought me a total of 29 cards, all but two being of the ‘higher number’ variety above and beyond 940. I also snagged card 292, one that I have been missing since I started collecting, despite it being available in two teams.

Only a further 870 to go now then, mostly the more expensive rugby cards, unfortunately.

Edit: I also picked up one of the grey albums containing eleven stiff brown card leaves. It’s pretty much falling apart but I suppose that it was probably worth the tenner that I paid for it. 🙂

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WBA ‘wants’

0481WBA collector Neil Reynolds has been in touch to ask if anybody can help source a few Pinnace cards for him. I’ll add these same details to the ‘For Sale/Wants’ section as this post will inevitably eventually slip down the board, but for now here is his list of required cards:

Medium size: 37. Richardson, 125. Blood, 251. Jones, 385. Davies, 481. Smith, 552. Crisp, 1487. Adams, 1488. Reed and 1489. Magee.

Cabinet size: 38. Morris, 251. Jones, 385. Davies, 482. Gregory, 551. Jephcott, 1487. Adams and 1488. Reed.

And, of course, the WBA team group Cabinet issue.

Clicking HERE will provide an email link so that you can contact Neil.

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Bradford variation card added

0622I am indebted to Bob Watson who has provided me with an image of card 622 showing Tom Brandon of Bradford Park Avenue. Previously I had only included him as a Hull City player.

Remember, I’m always on the lookout for ‘variation’ cards so if you come across any please don’t hesitate to get in touch and supply me with hi-res (300dpi preferably) images and I’ll get them up on the site as soon as possible.

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Crazy ‘k-sized’ prices?

01911254I am indebted to Paul Chauveau and Brian Houghton for contacting me with links to eBay sales in the past few days. Firstly Paul got in touch to flag-up card 191. Alex Troupe (Everton) which sold for £21.50, leading us to wonder just what kind of a person bids that kind of money for a ‘bog-standard’ and seemingly readily available small card. But that just pales into insignificance when compared to the one that Brian alerted me to – card 1254. Hughie Gallacher in his Airdrie days which went for the astonishing price of £127.00!! Lee Graves (collectabilia.is.back) will be rubbing his hands with glee at the outcome of both of these auctions, I’m sure! Clicking the links will take you to the completed auctions.

One thing that these two auctions do prove is that you can’t take the cards in this set for granted and that we really shouldn’t be too surprised when they go for more than the usual couple of quid each! 🙂

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Re-scanning complete

The massive task of re-scanning all of my cards is now complete. That’s over 1600 of the little blighters and you’d be surprised just how many variations it has thrown up, whether they be number size or position, backgrounds, or picture size. Another factor that it has thrown up is the bizarre fact that many of these cards are actually different sizes, an example being that of E. Turner (Crewe) shown at left; you can see how much ‘dead’ space’ there is at the top of the card (or the bottom, if you like). And it’s not just the tops and bottoms; there are others which are clearly much narrower than the majority. I can only put this down to their having been trimmed by owners/collectors down the years, but it’s hugely frustrating.

Anyway, that’s it from me in terms of improving picture quality. As I add new cards to my personal collection I’ll put them up here, thereby hopefully replacing some of the poorer quality pictures. 🙂

UPDATE: Matt Stevens has been in touch with a suggestion regarding the sizes of these cards. If you were to pile up a collection of them, one on top of the other, they would not make a neat pile because so many of them are different shapes and sizes, no matter which ‘series’ you might choose. Matt suggests that this is because all of the cards were hand-cut rather than by machine and I have to agree that this makes perfect sense. But maybe you know better …

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