The Pinnace Collection Books

Paul Days has asked me to advertise his new series of books based around the Pinnace cards. The following is his ‘copy’ and in no way reflects the views of this website or myself. Please do not contact me over these books; I am in no way connected to their publication; I am simply providing a little free advertising, although I can personally vouch for the Huddersfield Town edition which is simply superb! 🙂

“The Pinnace Collection; Sunderland Book is now being sorted out with the printers and all things being equal will be out in the next couple of weeks. We spoke before about making this collection known to people on your website and so here is the blurb, plus a couple of scans.

The series kicks off with Sunderland AFC. It is a 26 page A4 sized paperback book and retails at £10.99 plus £2 P & P. There are only going to be 16 copies of each team available to purchase. Essentially this book will become as rare as some of the cards are. Not only that they are the rarest club books ever produced, certainly the rarest on SAFC. I also cant imagine that there has been a Man United book with just 16 copies available! Clearly though I’ll not be packing my day job in. Its an interesting project to be involved with though; amongst a plethora of other ones!

The first 5 books in the series are: SAFC, Man United, Newcastle United, South Shields & Durham City. They are all in colour/sepia, contain an index of all the cards in that team set and a full page on each player with a full size image of the card, the card itself and also a 100 to 200 word biography on each player.

Each book carries a bonafide ISBN number and a copy of each book will therefore be deposited with The British Library. Once they’re gone; they’re gone. There wont be another print run. Copies will be available from E Bay in due course or direct from me if anyone would like an advance copy putting by. Some people might like an advanced copy of all of them ordering which is fine by me. If they never make e-bay then they never make eBay.

You can inform people that club historians, a football artist and collectors are helping me out with this project (remember Roger that I’ve been a historian of SAFC/football for the last 30 plus years and wrote the official history of SAFC) and anyone who helps with scans of a particular team that I might be short of, or any bios, will be given a complimentary copy of the book they assist me with. I’d positively welcome assistance from other club historians or collectors regarding their team. If the first 5 go ok then I would intend to get as many as I can out there e.g. Clapton Orient, Nelson, Liverpool, WHU etc.

(The planned cover of the Clapton Orient one is an absolute peach).

For one or two of the books I’ve got a hold of some really rare photos, to set the book off, in amongst the thousands I have in my own collection.”

Paul can be contacted by clicking HERE.

3 Sunderland AFC - Index 6 Manchester United 3Charlie Buchan



The Pinnace Collection project has been going for a couple of months now and I thought I’d let people know how it’s progressing. First of all its been a real pleasure working with historically like-minded football fans and the help I’ve been given by people keen to see their club’s Pinnace Collection publication in print has been first class. There are still plenty of clubs in the pipeline, including a joint Barrow football and rugby publication, and things are going on in the background to try and get other clubs up and running.

Sales so far have been very limited. Last month I made £11.06 from and this month so far it’s £21.83. I’ve sold copies via other avenues so I’ve probably, notionally made about £45 in profit. However bearing in mind that:

  • I have to buy my own proof copy of every book to make sure its OK
  • I quite properly buy a copy for the people who help me with their clubs publication (sorry if I haven’t sent yours yet…Paul Briers!), and
  • I spent £60 getting some SAFC ones actually printed up

… then financially I am clearly well out of pocket. This means that I won’t be retiring to The Bahamas on the back of The Pinnace Collection series of books!

I’ll keep Roger posted on forthcoming publications but a special thanks goes to people like Stu Fairbridge and Alan Worthington who are able to plug gaps where the cards are not otherwise available.


* You can contact Paul direct by clicking HERE *


1 Response to The Pinnace Collection Books

  1. The Wearside One says:

    I thought I’d give people an update on where I am with this project.

    Sunderland AFC is at the printers and I am waiting for a proof copy to come back. There will likely be a bit of a delay due to xmas/new year. If the proof looks fine then it should be on ebay in the next two or three weeks.

    Manchester United is 90% done as is Newcastle United. South Shields just needs the bios and I’m currently working on Durham City. On screen they look exquisite.

    Thanks so far to those who have involved themselves in the project eg Roger, Alan W, Paul Joannou the NUFC historian. Also thanks to people who have e-mailed me via this site asking for their club to be considered. Manchester City, Middlesbrough and Luton Town amongst others.

    On the theme of which clubs come first the historian from Brentford provided me with the following via e-mail attachents:

    1. Scans of all cards in the BFC pinnace set;
    2. Biographies of all the BFC players in the pinnace set;
    3. A superb 1920’s action shot image of BFC for the front cover, and
    4. A brief history of the club; 2 or 3 paragraphs suffice

    As I now have a set template design for the teams I reckon that the Brentford one, due to the input of the Brentford historian, could be put together in as little as 48 hours. Thats how much difference input from individuals makes.

    Also where your team does not have enough cards to fill in the standard 26 pages then I’m including a “Tyneside Bound”, “Wearside Bound”, “Durham Bound” section at the back, to include players who are in the collection who arrived at the club late on. A good example of this would be Reg Wilkinson of Norwich who is in the collection but turned up at SAFC a bit later on. Also Gurkin of Norwich City turned up at Durham City a bit later on. So anyone who contributes may wish to bear this in mind.

    The bigger cards work best and some of the tones are wonderful. They have arrived and have come from my collection in all sorts of colours (for black and white photos); sepia, yellow, pinky hues and I’m trying to leave as much of this in as possible. It works well.


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