Team Cards

These cards – the GF “Premium Issue” Cabinet cards – are pretty much the ‘Holy Grail’ where Pinnace collectors are concerned because they really are so rare. Up until recently only a few were ever known to exist; now, with the help of Mark Hughesdon, Chris Lee, Alan Jenkins, Steve Marsh and especially Matt Stevens, I am able to present almost all of these cards for your enjoyment. I was always led to believe that these cards were the same size as the player ‘Cabinet’ cards, approximately 150mm x 100mm, but in September 2022 Nigel of informed me that all of the ones that he has ever seen were 178-180mm x 127mm so, as I myself have never seen a Team Card, I will aver in his favour. Many of the ones shown here are a little dark and skew-wiff because they have been photographed rather than scanned, but sometimes that’s the price that you pay to see something almost unique!

You will also notice that in many cases there is not one, but TWO versions of each team card; the logic behind this is that the original ‘dated’ cards were from the 1920-21 series, but the ‘undated’ examples are almost certainly later. Proof of this is that the second ‘undated’ Huddersfield Town card is the ‘official’ team photograph from the 1921-22 season (I have an original Turton postcard on my HTAFC website to confirm this). In some cases the two teams photos are still the same, regardless of the season, but with others they are different.

It should also be noted that although you are able to see many tens of Team Cards here, you should not be misled into thinking that they must be relatively easy to find if you look hard enough; they most certainly are not! In the vast majority of cases, the image that you see here is a scan or photograph of THE ONLY known example of that card in existence! Which is why, when they DO occasionally come up for auction, you can expect to pay in the high hundreds or even thousands for just a single card.

So – enjoy this collection of miniature versions; they are very probably the closest that you will EVER get to seeing one of these in the flesh! 🙂

Edit: a THIRD Aston Villa card appeared on the internet in May 2020. This one celebrated the 1920 FAC Final victory over Huddersfield (grrrr!) and means that – to date – Villa are the only team to be represented on three different team cards.


ArsenalArsenal undatedAstonVilla undatedaston villa team card 192021AstonVillaBarnsleyBirminghamteamBlackpoolBlackburnTeamBoltonTeamBradfordCityTeamBrentfordBrightonBristol CityBristol RoversBurnleyTeamBuryChelseaClaptonOrientClaptonOrient undatedCrystalPalaceCrystalPalace undatedDerbyTeamEvertonTeamExeterCityFulhamGillinghamGrimsbyHTAFCteam1921-22 PHILLIPS Pinnace HTAFC cabinet card 2LeedsLeicesterteamLiverpoolTeamManCityTeamManUtdMiddlesbroTeamMillwallteamNorwichNottsForestOldhamTeamPlymouthValePortsmouthPNETeamQPRReading_Team_GroupRotherhamSheffUtdTeamWendiesShieldsSouthamptonSouthampton2StockportSunderlandSwindonTottenhamTottenham undatedWatfordteamWBATeamWHUWHU undatedWolves


There are twenty-one Scottish teams represented below; my apologies if you are a fan of Alloa or Queens Park! 😦

20-21 Pinnace - Aberdeen AFC20-21 Pinnace - Airdrieonian AFC20-21 Pinnace - Albion Rovers AFC20-21 Pinnace - Ayr United AFC20-21 Pinnace - Celtic AFC20-21 Pinnace - Clyde AFC20-21 Pinnace - Clydebank AFC20-21 Pinnace - Dumbarton AFC20-21 Pinnace - Dundee AFC20-21 Pinnace - Falkirk AFC20-21 Pinnace - Greenock Morton AFC20-21 Pinnace - Hamilton Academicals AFC20-21 Pinnace - Hearts of Midlothian AFC20-21 Pinnace - Hibernians AFC20-21 Pinnace - Kilmarnock AFC20-21 Pinnace - Motherwell AFC20-21 Pinnace - Partick Thistle AFC20-21 Pinnace - Raith Rovers AFC20-21 Pinnace - Rangers AFC20-21 Pinnace - St Mirren AFC20-21 Pinnace - Third Lanark AFC




30 Responses to Team Cards

  1. Brian Houghton says:

    These are great, never seen a team group before, Manchester City please 🙂

  2. Chris Lee says:

    Excellent stuff Roger! There’s a West Ham version on the ‘they fly so high’ site and, according to that, the size is 180 x 127mm. And yes, a Reading FC version required please!

    • TerriersFan says:

      So clearly, these are NOT full size scans as they would have to be the same as the postcard-sized player photos. Oh, well – thanks for the info, Chris.

      PS I’ve now ‘borrowed’ the Hammers image from Steve’s site. 😉

  3. Paul Briers says:

    In an FCCM, issue 4 1998, they state that they have acquired the following Pinnace Team Cabinet Cards:
    Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Clapton Orient, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Huddersfield Town, Liverpool, Sheffield United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    • TerriersFan says:

      Thanks for this, Paul. I too am a subscriber to FCCM, but unfortunately I only came in on issue 21. It certainly looks as though there are a few out there!
      Now, if I could only lay my hands on the Huddersfield Town one … 😉

  4. Chris Lee says:

    Great stuff Roger and cheers to Matt for sharing.

  5. Brian Houghton says:

    Awesome, nice to see a Manchester city team group in there, never thought I’d see one 🙂 !

  6. Alan Jenkins says:

    Hoping to one day see Merthyr Town and Aberdare Athletic

  7. John D Cross says:

    I’ve never seen the Blackpool FC card before – I would love to add this to my BFC collection

    I live in hope !

    Up The Pool


  8. Brian Houghton says:

    Considering “Half Time” states only two team groups are known to exist your efforts are to be admired 🙂 fantastic site!

  9. Stuart Fairbridge says:

    Regarding the team cards, and how many players were issued, strange there doesn’t seem to be a Newcastle United one

    • TerriersFan says:

      As I’ve said before (in a private conversation, I believe) like you, I can’t believe that there isn’t a Newcastle one out there somewhere. SOMEBODY will be sitting on one, perhaps in a suitcase on top of a wardrobe or in a little chest in the attic, perhaps even unaware that it’s there, but I can’t believe that not one Toon fan didn’t trade up some of his smaller cards for a team card.
      One day … 😉

  10. Andrew Douglas says:

    I see a team card of Oldham Athletic above , my team card for them is No 14 January 27th 1923 and features my Grandfather G H Douglas. He is not in your card above 1920 – 21 series.

  11. Brian Houghton says:

    I have acquired a Manchester City team group postcard which is exactly the same as the Pinnace team group except that the 2 players back row far right aren’t on it. The players, Woosnam & Hamill must have been added at a later date.

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