For those of you who like to see all the players of your team collected together in one group, here they are!


Mark Duckering has been in touch to help solve the mystery surrounding card 2411 of F. Lowson. It seems that Lowson was indeed at Lincoln but never played in any games, not even friendlies. As proof of this Mark has sent me three images from The Lincoln Review, a magazine published by a local printers of the time: the first is a team photograph from 2nd September 1922 which shows Lowson clearly named on the front row, his image looking very like the one on the Pinnace card:LINCOLN Lowson 1The second image is the text from beneath a similar photograph which has a brief biography of the player:LINCOLN Lowson 3It’s very difficult to read so Mark has provided a transcription, thus: LOWSON, F. Inside-left. Also journeyed south this season, his last club being Leadgate Park in the North-Eastern League. During last season he only missed three matches and altogether scored 28 goals, a performance which proves him to be an opportunist of the type the Imps have been looking for. Only 22 years of age, he stands 5ft 7ins, and weight 10st 2lb.”

The third image is again from a 1922 Lincoln Review magazine and is a cartoon which depicts Lowson at bottom left:LINCOLN Lowson 2

The only remaining question is, why didn’t Lowson ever play? Perhaps he became injured? Or perhaps upon closer inspection, he simply wasn’t good enough? Maybe we’ll never know but at least Mark has gone a long way in at least confirming his registration at Lincoln City. Top detective work, Mark! 🙂 👍


4 Responses to LINCOLN CITY

  1. jamcot9 says:

    A strange one here… the player in the 3rd photograph is given the name F Lowson, however Frank Lowson played for Bradford Park Avenue and looked completely different
    There is no record of F Lowson or any similar named player ever playing for Lincoln City’s first eleven, it could be that he was simply a reserve team player but this is rare indeed. It seems more likely a case of mistaken identity by Pinnace. Do any Lincoln City experts know who this player was??

    • TerriersFan says:

      Thanks for this, James and yes, it is a strange one.
      Card 1521 shows Bradford’s F. Lowson and can be seen on my site here –
      Does anybody have any answers to this conundrum?

      • Mark Duckering says:

        Hi, l think l can help with the mystery of F LOWSON (card No 2411) Lincoln City.
        This is not an error by Pinnace.
        I have evidence to support this (images) that l can send you.
        It is true he did not make any first team appearances for The Imps not even in friendlies.

      • TerriersFan says:

        Thanks for this offer of help, Mark.
        If you make contact with me through the CONTACT page I’ll respond and you’ll be able to send me the images which I’ll add here if necessary.

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