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BreakingNewsThe news that we’ve all been waiting for – I have completed ALL of the basic images for this site! All 2462 players are now included on here, with a few variations to boot! It’s been a long time coming, but with the help of mainly Peter, Matt, Alan and Mark we’ve managed to get the job done! My heartiest congratulations go out to us all on this fantastic achievement!

Now the race is on to find all of the variations and replace some of the really crap quality ones that I have used. I’ve already begun this process and have today replaced 30+ using far better scans from eBay where there are some really nice examples. Now is the time for all of those of you out there who have variations to come forward with them; scan them as straight as possible at 300dpi and then CONTACT ME.

Come on, chaps – LET’S DO THIS!! 🙂

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Crazy ‘k-sized’ prices?

01911254I am indebted to Paul Chauveau and Brian Houghton for contacting me with links to eBay sales in the past few days. Firstly Paul got in touch to flag-up card 191. Alex Troupe (Everton) which sold for £21.50, leading us to wonder just what kind of a person bids that kind of money for a ‘bog-standard’ and seemingly readily available small card. But that just pales into insignificance when compared to the one that Brian alerted me to – card 1254. Hughie Gallacher in his Airdrie days which went for the astonishing price of £127.00!! Lee Graves (collectabilia.is.back) will be rubbing his hands with glee at the outcome of both of these auctions, I’m sure! Clicking the links will take you to the completed auctions.

One thing that these two auctions do prove is that you can’t take the cards in this set for granted and that we really shouldn’t be too surprised when they go for more than the usual couple of quid each! 🙂

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Re-scanning complete

The massive task of re-scanning all of my cards is now complete. That’s over 1600 of the little blighters and you’d be surprised just how many variations it has thrown up, whether they be number size or position, backgrounds, or picture size. Another factor that it has thrown up is the bizarre fact that many of these cards are actually different sizes, an example being that of E. Turner (Crewe) shown at left; you can see how much ‘dead’ space’ there is at the top of the card (or the bottom, if you like). And it’s not just the tops and bottoms; there are others which are clearly much narrower than the majority. I can only put this down to their having been trimmed by owners/collectors down the years, but it’s hugely frustrating.

Anyway, that’s it from me in terms of improving picture quality. As I add new cards to my personal collection I’ll put them up here, thereby hopefully replacing some of the poorer quality pictures. 🙂

UPDATE: Matt Stevens has been in touch with a suggestion regarding the sizes of these cards. If you were to pile up a collection of them, one on top of the other, they would not make a neat pile because so many of them are different shapes and sizes, no matter which ‘series’ you might choose. Matt suggests that this is because all of the cards were hand-cut rather than by machine and I have to agree that this makes perfect sense. But maybe you know better …

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Several new ‘variations’ added

0403During the course of updating  and re-scanning my collection for better images I have come across an increasing number of ‘variation’ cards which I am simply adding in wherever they crop up. There are way too many to list here but I can confirm that I have found at least one each of Tottenham, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Chelsea and Clapton Orient to name but a few. I don’t claim these to be hitherto undiscovered, just images that weren’t previously included on this site. I still have the better part of one thousand cards to scan over the next few weeks so there should be even more ‘variations’ coming to light in that time. My advice is simply to check your ‘team’ or the cards ordered by number to see if there is something that you don’t recognise or possess.

Also, because I am inserting better and deleting poorer quality cards where possible, it may just be that certain images don’t appear; rather, they are replaced by a little ‘X’. Could you please inform me if this occurs anywhere? I am being very careful as I go along but there is always the chance that the odd one might just sneak through … 🙂

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‘Cabinet’ cards on offer

full-setDave Johnson has contacted me to let me know that he has FIFTEEN ‘Cabinet’ cards for sale, all featuring Wigan Highfields rugby players. They seem to be in very good condition – he has sent me four photographs which you can see at left and below. (Clicking on any of them will provide you with larger views of the cards)

He will consider offers over £140 for the lot and you can contact him by clicking HERE.

Good luck! 🙂


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Leytonstone ‘Celtic’ cards mystery

celtic_backDuring the course of my re-scanning of my cards, I noticed that I have two cards – 1787 Buckey and 1788 Woodham, both Leytonstone players – which are both stamped ‘CELTIC‘ on the back as can be seen here. I have tried to discover via the internet if they were transferred to Glasgow Celtic but they don’t appear in lists of their players. My first thought was that a child has stamped them  with a printing set, but I’m just not sure. Can anyone please offer an explanation as to why they should appear thus? :/

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Brighton & HA variation found

0165Terry Kramer has alerted me to the fact that he has posted Pinnace card 165 of Brighton & HA player Doran for sale on eBay. This particular one is the variation with the first initial ‘A’ rather than ‘J’ and is the first of its kind that I have seen. The card has now been duly added to both the cards by numbers section and that of Brighton & HA players.

Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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Six Luton variations added

0192Mark Hughesdon has been back in touch to provide me with six images of Luton Town players, all of which have the most subtle of differences to those already recorded here, even down to just a slight magnification or the angle of a cap! I needed a lot of convincing over the one of T. Gibbon (left) but succumbed in the end!

Please get in touch with good quality scans of any others that you might come across.

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