** !! FINISHED !! **

BreakingNewsThe news that we’ve all been waiting for – I have completed ALL of the basic KF images for this site! All 2462 players are now included on here, with a few variations to boot! It’s been a long time coming, but with the help of mainly Peter, Matt, Alan and Mark we’ve managed to get the job done! My heartiest congratulations go out to us all on this fantastic achievement!

Now the race is on to find all of the variations and replace some of the really crap quality ones that I have used. I’ve already begun this process and have today replaced 30+ using far better scans from eBay where there are some really nice examples. Now is the time for all of those of you out there who have variations to come forward with them; scan them as straight as possible at 300dpi and then CONTACT ME.

Come on, chaps – LET’S DO THIS!! 🙂


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Card 2411 mystery solved!

2411My grateful thanks go to long-time Lincoln City fan and collector Mark Duckering who has proved that F. Lowson was indeed on City’s books and that the card is not an error by the producers of this set. Click the image at left to read his story and see some original 1922 documentation.

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Pinnace cards album for sale

Further to my previous post about selling a single blue leaf, I also have an original Pinnace album for sale on eBay. Condition isn’t brilliant but it is a hundred years old now and is quite rare. Again finishing on Sunday 27th March, you can bid on it by following THIS LINK.

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Single leaf from album for sale

You might like to check out this single blue leaf/page from an original Pinnace album that I have for sale on eBay right now. The auction ends on Sunday 27th March and you can bid on it by clicking THIS LINK.

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“Backs” spreadsheet updated again

BreakingNewsVersion 2.1 is now up and running with a few additions since the last one. My thanks go to Brian Houghton for adding one this week.

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A new book about The Pinnace Collection

BOOK PostlesI am pleased to announce the publication of a new book about this fascinating collection of cards. Entitled “Men that played Football For Fun: THE PINNACE CARD COLLECTION: A Collectors Check List”, it’s a private publication by Michael Postles and you can read a review of it by clicking on the cover image here.

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And another one ticked off…

0320My thanks go to Shane Given who has supplied me with yet another of the cards that I needed, this time 320. J. Thomas of Wigan, N.U. Just another 617 to go now.

Little by little… 🙂

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Another Aberdeen player added to page

1365I am indebted to Mike who has got in touch to inform me that I had omitted 1365. Jacky Connon from the Aberdeen section of this website. This is a common failing of mine with the player cards which have no team name listed – I don’t always check them all and if there is no little tape stuck to the back it’s not always evident which team the player belonged to. Looking at the kit though I guess that I should have known this one! 😉

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Three more added to my collection

0368 NUMy grateful thanks go to Kate Turner who has kindly supplied me with three of my missing cards, and at a very sensible price too. I have now ticked off numbers 368, 472 and 941 from my ‘WANTED’ list.

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29 cards added to my personal collection

1299aIt’s been a very long time since I was last able to add something of note to this site, and even now it’s really only of a personal nature. I am greatly indebted to Stu Fairbridge who has supplied me with twenty-nine cards that I was missing, and at a very reasonable price too. This batch includes the rugby player – W. Scott of Barrow R.F.L. – at card 1299 rather than the error card of Dundee’s D. Thomson. The bonus for you, my devoted acolytes, is that these cards have resulted in many new and improved images on the site. 👍

Still 600+ to go mind… 😥

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2 Cabinet GF ‘Team’ cards sold at auction

Two of the cabinet ‘GF’ team cards went under the hammer today at Loddon Auctions. The first, one of two featuring Huddersfield Town, sold for £550 whilst the other, featuring Tottenham Hotspurs, went for a surprisingly low £400, although I’m told that it did have a pinhole in it. I would have loved to have bought the HTAFC card but I knew fine well that I would never be able afford it. For each of the two cards mentioned here you can add almost one-third of the price again to cover auction fees, VAT and then online-bidding costs and postage. Criminal! 😲

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